How to get to Miami from Fort Lauderdale Airport

Today airports are built at a considerable distance from the actual city since it helps to negate the degree of disaster in case of an event with a level of risk and danger involved. Not usually, but plane crashes are a real problem since they result in devastating destruction and causalities. Only recently, a plane crashed in Pakistan where the plane crashed within the densely populated city of Karachi. The plane crash not only resulted in the death of all the individuals traveling on the flight except for the two lucky people who made it out after the collision, but moments before the plane blew into flames. While this plane crash was terrible alone, the crash occurred in a small but well-populated society while led to the destruction of multiple buildings and apartments, which led to people becoming homeless in the time span of seconds.

Hence, Fort Lauderdale Airport is located at a distance from Miami, specifically Miami Beach. Therefore, it takes time to travel from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami Beach for this there are multiple methods of moving from the Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami, without mentioning traveling by car, because Fort Lauderdale Airport parking rates are quite high with a price of $15. In contrast, valet parking costs $10 more, accumulating a staggering amount of $25. So, here are some traveling options:


A bus is the most recommended option in traveling from the Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami beach since it costs between $10 to $30 depending upon whether there is peak hour. The most recommended option is because it is the quickest method to travel from the airport to the beach, taking only 30 minutes in travel to reach the Miami beach from the Fort Lauderdale Airport.


The train is the cheapest option because it costs only around $6 to $7 to travel from the Fort Lauderdale Airport to the Miami beach. The plus side is trains have a bigger capacity and can accommodate many more people than the bus for which peak hour or not, the rate remains the same, which is $6 to $7. While this option is the cheapest, it is the slowest option as well. Due to the number of stops and the time taken for people to get on and off the train, besides the train’s speed, it takes around one hour and thirty-eight minutes to travel from the airport to the beach.

Other methods

Other options include taxis in terms of the shuttle service or taxi services such as Uber and Careem, and it will take about thirty-four minutes to travel from the airport to the beach while costing around $75 to $95. To travel a distance of 43.8 Kilometers in such a high amount seems unreasonable. Another option is to have your car there at the airport, which will cost your fuel of only $2 to $4 depending on driving style. But since this option is rare and would not occur for people other than Miami residents, it cannot be put as a viable option.