What can motivate a child to study?

Children are becoming more and more engaged in technology and video games, which have disrupted the mind and the body. While the debate of whether a video game is suitable for kids is still to be decided, the fact remains intact that these kinds of activities take a lot of time away from children and drain them mentally and physically. While experts argue that it is the job of the parents to put a curfew limit so that kids only spend a limited amount of time on such activities the thing what remains prominent is the fact that some kids slowly drift away from studies even though they had good grades in the past and had a history of successful grades.

A thing to understand is that passion is the biggest driver for motivation. If students find passion in studying and building a better future for themselves, the motivation becomes undying. Still, under the current times, kids have shifted their passion from studies and forget that they need to work hard to get to a point where they can be respected and appreciated. Even though the statement correctly portrays reality, there are some ways you can motivate a child to study.

Find a tutor

Having a tutor who comes at a fixed time and giving individual attention to the child helps kids understand their field of study better and motivates them to excel over their fellow students. Nowadays parents can easily find a tutor online. Tutoring not only provides a refined manner of learning, but it also helps in establishing a set timetable for students to follow, which will end up making students understand their priorities and help them understand the importance of studies.

Build a reward system

Providing positive compensation in turn for good results is an excellent way of establishing trust and motivation in kids to work hard for what they want to earn. Reward system helps kids to understand that how working hard and getting good grades is connected to, for example, buying a new game or a gaming console Et cetera. Hence, it tends to combine enjoyment and hard work to give kids a choice between right and wrong.

Increase physical activities

Usually, students are under constant pressure by their respective schools and educational institutions, which is the addition of stress induced by getting good grades by the parents. All of these reasons add up in causing depression, making the student exhausted mentally. For this, physical activities such as sports, gym, and yoga can be a significant step in stress releasing. Students should understand the importance of working out and how it influences the body and mind to keep working even in the harshest conditions.

In conclusion, there may be multiple other ways to motivate a child to study, but the fact can not be ignored that passion is the primary driver of motivation. But, finding a tutor can increase understanding which can cause competition which would increase motivation, reward system would also instill an extrinsic motivation in kids making them work hard so that they earn everything they have and lastly add physical activities to relieve stress. These steps will certainly help kids to put in the extra effort.